our core services


With over 25 years’ experience, Composites are at our core.

We have a proven reputation for manufacturing and delivering the highest quality composites GRP projects of all sizes for a broad range of industries.

Whether we utilise our own manufacturing capabilities or work with our trusted supply chain, we provide cost-efficient solutions that can be scaled to suit project requirements of any size.

Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind by being with you for the full life-cycle of your project.
We have successfully built complete boats and numerous boat parts, RV bodies, bus parts, hovercraft, bespoke structural features for resorts and much more.



Have an idea? We can realise your idea into 3D models or working drawings.

After consultation we present you with a clear plan, time frame and quote to ensure everything fits with your expectations and budget.


Our experienced team of Designers focus on providing uniquely designed products that offer the highest quality, reliable performance and superior value.


Composites engineering is not guesswork and should not be attempted by the inexperienced. For example, a steel engineer is unlikely to be familiar with the flexibility and complexity of working with composites. We have seen this happen often with disastrous results!

With our pool of highly specialised and experienced engineers we can source the best in the business to proof up your designs that are fit for purpose.

Sourcing and Supply:

 We can help with all of your material sourcing needs. If we cannot complete your project in-house, we assess and qualify all suppliers and contractors to ensure we allocate the right partners for your project.

With 25 years on the ground experience throughout Asia and supplying to global partners, we know where to go the first time to get reliable, qualified materials & resources.


Motor home composite front cowling & side fairings
Motorhome front cowlings & side fairings
UAV – Underwater Autonomous survey vessel cowlings - made by East Asia Composites Thailand
UAV – survey vessel cowlings
Ambulance Body Kits - East Asia Compsites - Thailand
Ambulance Body Kits