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user privacy & data collection

Personal data protection, privacy & user privacy are human rights protected by law.
Our best endeavours will always be used to prevent the data of your personal information being distributed to others or being made public.

applicable legislation and laws

The web site of EACT is designed to be used & to be compliant with International law, we use best endeavours to comply to the laws of most countries, however the liability lies with the user to ensure the use of our website complies with the laws applicable to the user & their countries specific laws.

The use of the is web site is restricted to those of 18 years or older. The continued use of this web site is to the user’s own risk.

personal information

For the purposes of conducting business transacting business with corporations or individuals we may collect & store details for our use, like but not restricted to Name personal, Company Names, Address, email contacts,web sites, phone #, job descriptions, titles, employer details, shareholder & or company ownership information, goods services & other related information’s.

All data captured will be for the sole use relating to & transacting, communicating with our business.

site monitoring

We may from time to time use a tracking system to monitor & evaluate our web site including the user data on our site.

This data tracking will be suppled via a 3rd party similar to but not restricted to a service like Google Analytics or similar. Information available from these 3rd party providers can disclose, location, operating systems, browser type. Your IP address is also identifiable by this 3rd party but not shared with us.

Use of cookies assist with divulging this information to restrict the data sharing disable the use of cookies when on our web site.

contact enquiry

By using the contact form on our website, you will enable us to record & store your information for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry.

Your information will be used for current & future purpose of dealing with our business.
Please contact us to remove or discontinue the use of your information service@sea-eac.com

security & data breach

We will at all times use our best endeavours to protect, secure our data base & the information within.

Where & if we experience an unauthorised breach, we will use best endeavours to notify all parties.

It is is beyond our control to fully eliminate the security & data breaches associated to the storage of personal information.

security & data breach

The Policy may from time to time be changed to be current & in line with new laws, legislation applicable to the use of this site.

These changes may not be informed on our website or to our website users,customers or other interested parties.

Annual review of this policy will be made & adjusted as & if applicable.

Please contact service@ sea-eac.com for further clarification