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Schultz is now offering the very latest in body building technology to construct light weight transport bodies.

By leveraging advanced European body building engineering practices, the latest transport bodies from Schultz offer:

*By removing organic materials like plywood, the risk of product failure due to moisture ingress is totally removed.

The panel technology employed in our construction method will provide lighter, stiffer bodies compared to the traditional materials used in current body construction.

Schultz - Light weight refrigerated transport bodies - diagram


The panels are built using a combination of high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques.

The exterior is a UV-resistant gel coat, similar to what swimming pools are built from. This is proven to be low maintenance, UV resistant & long-lasting.

The materials used for the interior surface finish have also been chosen for its low maintenance properties. This material has high resistance to acid and alkaline residues produced from various payloads.


We offer several Floor Options:


The main body of the panel is where the real magic happens.

The core is ‘sandwiched’ between layers of GRP. Various densities of core are placed in pre-engineered.

The core is a thermoplastic recyclable product, high resistance to chemicals, strong and thermal.

By using this advanced material, we can reduce panel thickness, but maintain thermal & structural properties required in the transport industry.

Layers of construction-min


We manufacture our own high quality hardware  or we use a  good quality  all Stainless steel  hardware from reliable sources.

Schultz - Light weight refrigerated transport bodies - Door Piece 1
Schultz - Light weight refrigerated transport bodies - door piece 2

Side & rear doors feature commercial grade lock systems with internal emergency lock release as a standard feature.

All hardware is installed in a way that it can be easily replaced if damaged.


Pick Up Chiller Box Micro & Maxi

Ambulance Body Kits - East Asia Compsites - Thailand




All panels are constructed from PET foam core, with a Gel coated GRP skin either side of this structural core.

All panels are bonded using Polymer adhesives & Stainless-steel fasteners are used throughout the construction.

Floors are constructed to form a structural assembly, with no organic materials [plywood] used, the entire structure is free from any form of deterioration, wet rot, fungal attack.

PET core does not suffer from thermal aging & structural degradation, as happens with PU & EPS foam cored panels over time, the service life using this system is indefinite. PET is a recycled material.

All panels have 100 % PET core throughout – no thermal bridging is possible as happens on other products built with any number of indifferent materials.




Refrigeration units supplied as options - POA:

We offer the following systems at additional cost.

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